Other software programs use templates and industry average financials that make creating a business plan super easy.  Why not do that?

How much is your credibility worth?

The business plan you present to a lender or an economic developer says a lot about you as a person and as an entrepreneur.  That plan is supposed to be a reflection of your thoughts and your understanding of how your business works. 

If you let the software or the template fill in the financial blanks for you so you can get through the plan faster you are putting yourself in danger of losing credibility with your lender or investor.  Lenders and economic developers know what a template plan looks like and they also know what question to ask to see if you really know the numbers behind your business.  What do you think it says to a lender or investor when the story you tell in conversation doesn't match the story the numbers are telling?  It could tell some people that you take shortcuts on the hard work; and that's not the impression you want to make on a person that is evaluating your ability to make it through hard times and pay back money borrowed or grow the business to be an anchor in the community.

Unfortunately many people spend time and money on business plans that are not a reflection of the business in their heads and hearts.  Instead they end up with an attractive document that is a reflection of whatever the software they chose says their business should be or whatever the template says their business is capable of.  Those plans are usually pretty bland, vanilla, meh.  The ironic thing is most lenders and investors don't care how fancy your plan is, they just want it to be real.

BPS Tools takes a different approach, we don't tell you what your business should be, we just help you organize the thoughts and plans already in your head into a format that is easy for lenders and economic developers to evaluate.  The words and numbers always come from you and the calculations our system helps with lets you show the specific potential of your business, not just industry averages.  We aren't focused on creating documents, we are focused on creating authentic plans that help lenders and investors see your vision and how you plan to bring that vision to life.  

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