BPS is better for entrepreneurs and better for funding organizations

Compared head to head with other options for creating business models and business plans BPS is the only option that provides value to entrepreneurs and funders in every area.




What you get with the BPS system

Common Questions:

  • Yes.  BPS tools are designed to work in collaboration with individual consultants or consulting services.  The work you do in the Business Planning System will help the consultant or coach you are working with get a clearer picture of which parts of your business you need more help with so you can make efficient use of your time and theirs.

  • Yes.  We recommend using BPS tools as a shared resource with your coach or consultant to make it easier for him/her to check  your work and help you keep making progress in between meetings.

I haven't done this before, what do I do if I need help?

  • We have designed the BPS tools to be intuitive and guide users through the process one step at a time, we also provide instructions, examples and tips along the way.  But if you really get stuck just email support and we will try to help you find a business mentor, coach, or consultant that can help you.  We try to connect people with local resources when possible; depending on your location we may have more or fewer options.  

There are free options to help with business modeling like the Business Model Canvas.  Why should I pay for the Business Planning System?

  • The short answer is because free isn't always better.  The more complete answer is one click away; before you invest any time in the free options take a minute to see why free may cost you more than our service

  • In a word, Credibility.  Using templates and canned financial is an easy way undermine your credibility with the very people you are trying to impress.   Check out how and don't make the same mistake I have seen lots of people make before they knew better.   

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