BPS makes it easy to communicate the plan for growing your business to lenders and investors without a ton of writing.

If you run an early stage business BPS can save you tons of frustration and wasted money.  We provide a safe place to figure out the details of how you will operate your business day to day

If you are seeking a loan or investment BPS provides  an easy way to accurately show  the details of your operations and financial plans without writing a traditional business plan or being a financial expert

The BPS toolset takes business owners from concept through validation of their business model and on to finished business plan in a self-paced, step by step process. 

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How we help most small businesses & startups

Getting the vision for how you will run your business out of your head and onto the screen so you can see that your numbers work and everything makes sense feels really good.  It also frees up mental capacity to solve new problems and review your plan with advisers, bankers or investors.  


Our question & answer process combined with  immediate feedback makes it easy to tell when your plan is on track and when its not.  Fine tune your model and work out your trial and error in our tools instead of practicing on customers.

Whether you are applying for a loan or seeking , investment, it's not what you say you can do that matters, it's what you show you can do.  BPS    shows the building blocks of your operation and the results of your validation so lenders know you can  produce the financial results you say you can.  

Distinguish yourself from the exaggerated claims lenders see every day by sending them a BPS plan that shows you have taken the time and done the work to create a realistic and profitable business model that will be able to pay back a loan and grow.

How we can help you, in your situation

Pre-launch Business Owners & Founders

Determining and documenting your realistic financial potential / projections based on an operations plan that fits your lifestyle before you start day-to-day operations will save hundreds of hours in headaches and thousands of dollars in unnecessary tweaks to your operations  because you invested a little time & a little money early on. 


Working with BPS will make it easy to see if the business being planned will be able to provide the income to accomplish your goals; and if not what needs to change before you invest more time, energy or money.


Operating Small Businesses

Did you follow the "Jump in with both feet" strategy?  or the "We will figure it out when we get there" approach?  If you feel like you may have taken on more than you bargained for our tools can help you chart a course to profitability based on your specific goals and your current situation. 


If you took the time to plan out every possibility you could think of but you still are not seeing the results  you expected; our financial validation tools will make it easier to see which parts of your business are not keeping up with your goals & what needs to change to get on track.  

Operating Startups

If you are an operating startup we want to help you explain to investors how and why you will be able to accomplish the rapid growth you are forecasting.  A

financial plan that shows a clear path to revenue and profits, and is backed up by a detailed business model and operations plan will set you apart from the hundreds of other pitches they hear and make your chances of getting funded much better.  If the investors are on board  with your vision, the plan we help you build will make it easier for them to believe you can pull it off.  

Works With Any Type of Business

From retailers to restaurants to artists and app developers; our planning tools work for hundreds of types of small businesses or startups.  We have designed our tools to be easy for everyone to use but robust enough that anyone who wants to dig deep into the details can get the granular results  they may need to really fine-tune their operation.  We use common sense terms and explanations as much as possible so you don't have to be an expert in business terminology to create a professional plan. 

If you know your business and your market, we can help you put the plan into numbers.

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