Incubators and accelerators play a vital role in preparing entrepreneurs to build the future of commerce and society; we are glad to do our small part to help.

When an entrepreneur sees with her own eyes that the numbers behind her plan really work and that the vision is really attainable, progress kicks into hyper-drive.  We exists to get founders to that point of realization.   

Supporting entrepreneurs at different levels of progress and knowledge can stretch your staff thin.  BPS Tools can provide new options without changing your  programs, coaching styles,     curricula or metrics.  

Our services are a natural compliment for incubators and accelerators, even if you already have other tools and programs in place. Personalities and strengths differ greatly among entrepreneurs and having more variety in your tool set allows you to better-serve more world-changers.

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How we can help most incubators and accelerators

BPS provides your staff with new options for working with entrepreneurs at different stages of development at the same time.  Getting some founders to reach specific growth milestones may require more time than your staff or mentors have available. Offering self guided learning tools they can access 24/7 is a great way to make sure you can support all the entrepreneurs  in your cohort all the time.

Our system makes it easy for your coaches to get each  founder started with the tools one-on-one then turn them loose to go at their own pace, while you get updates about their individual progress in your inbox.  Which helps you maintain your schedule and fulfill your other responsibilities.

As you know, entrepreneurs tend to think they are right about most things, which can be a challenge when coaching them.  BPS Tools provides an easy way to help improve coachability and reduce frustration; let them prove themselves right or wrong in our tools. 


Instead of trying to convince entrepreneurs to think about things a certain way BPS Tools let founders  experiment with different ways to build models and  plans then lets them judge if it is a success based on the financial outputs and the time/work required.  This lets mentors and coaches come alongside and offer guidance they can validate in the system with the founder immediately so the entrepreneur gets to the place of understanding faster without headaches. 

How we can help you, in your situation

Business Accelerators & Incubators

Helping a diverse group of startup founders at different levels of development and knowledge stay on track with one curriculum and make progress towards their goals can stretch your staff thin.  Especially when every founder learns and grows on their own schedule.      

BPS Tools was designed to help entrepreneurs grow and learn at their own pace; but not just learn, also to produce validated business models & financial plans.  So as they learn, they get closer to the plan they will eventually present to lenders & investors, and use to run their business.  As users test different lessons from your teaching & coaching in their BPS Tools plan they can immediate see which changes to their operations bring them closer to their financial goals and which don't.  They can then work on implementing the changes that move them forward as they get out of the building and validate their plan in real life.            


With BPS Tools a small staff can provide each founder with a customized business model, operations plan and a unique experience where they own the knowledge they gain during their time in your program and credit you with helping them move forward.  

Co-Working spaces

Providing affordable work-space for early stage businesses is a huge help, thank your for creating a place were early stage businesses can thrive.  If you have considered other ways that you can support and encourage your small business and startup clients BPS Tools is an easy add on that brings lots of value to your clients and doesn't require any additional work from your staff.


If your community doesn't have a business incubator or accelerator with a growth curriculum you can fill that gap in your communities entrepreneur ecosystem by making BPS Tools available for your clients.   We want to see early stage businesses thrive as much as you do.

College & University Entrepreneurship Centers

Whether your mission is commercialization focused or education focused, BPS Tools can help you serve your school, the students and your community.  Our system is a great fit for student entrepreneurs because we make it easy to set business targets that fit within a student's schedule & lifestyle, and let the student build a company that matches their student-life.  Because education is the first priority during college the business may not grow as quickly as it could but the students learn invaluable lessons.  After graduation they can quickly retool the model to reflect a full-time commitment and scale up to their potential.  

If you are working with a lot of STEM  entrepreneurs, you may find it difficult to get them out of the lab to  learn how to build a business around their technology.  Our tools make it comfortable for STEM entrepreneurs to explore the operations planning process because we let them build one section at a time and make it easy to see the connections and dependencies between parts of the business instead of trying to absorb the entire business building process at once.  Users can experiment with different operational inputs such as price, staffing, COGS, sales volume and multiple expense categories until they create a model that produces the financial results they want without having to have to know the details of the 'business stuff' at first.  Then your staff can guide them towards building a business that reflects the plan they designed.

If you know your business and your market, we can help you put the plan into numbers.

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