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BPS streamlines your client evaluation process and gives you and your board the info needed to make decisions faster.

Our easy intake process gives you all the info you need to make a go / no-go decisions in  5 - 10 minutes.  For those you want to move forward, our business plan generator gets you the details needed to see what programs they qualify for

Some businesses aren't ready for financial support yet, we let you focus on those that are, while also providing a platform and system to help almost-ready businesses develop into next years investments & jobs

BPS helps small and rural economic development organizations make the most of limited budgets by leveraging our easy-to-access tools while while making it easier for your clients get better results at the same time.  

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How we can help most economic developers

We make it easier for economic & community development organizations to:

  • Standardize their intake & evaluation process

  • Provide a remote / contact-free intake process 

  • Quickly & easily share information & make decisions

  • Provide a resource for less qualified applicants to learn, improve and try again 

  • Reduce client intake & evaluation meetings 

  • Customize selection criteria for different industries  

  • Provide a paperless online & mobile intake process 

  • Anonymize intake & evaluation results if desired

  • Provide transparency to constituents and oversight bodies 

  • More...

When working with a small staff, making the best use of your time is vital to being effective.  BPS makes it faster and easier for small teams or boards to validate the readiness of an applicant to perform at a level that justifies investing time & money right now.  If you require companies to show progress towards goals, like creating jobs, our tools can help you evaluate their level of readiness to meet those goals based on live data from their business model and their business plan.  Plus,  we do it without taking any of your time.  

We gather applicant data, measure their key metrics and deliver detailed reports and scores to your inbox before you have to book a meeting.  For companies that are not ready to start or aren't yet bankable, our system will help  them refine their plan to be ready for next time 

How we can help you, in your situation

Publicly funded economic and community development organizations

Making sure taxpayer money earmarked for economic development is only used to support qualified businesses is a big responsibility; and making sure that a business is qualified can be both tricky and time consuming.  BPS Tools help economic developers  apply a uniform and arms-length process to gathering data, evaluating readiness and reporting so you can focus in making the right decisions instead of having more meetings.  

The Business Planning System is more user friendly, more efficient and more effective than relying on traditional business plans alone as a basis for funding decisions.  We use a two-part intake system, where applicants you decide meet your standards and are ready to fund can get started as quickly as you want; but applicants that don't meet standards can be referred back to the system to revise and fine tune their plan.  Instead of taking time reviewing plans that wont produce results and then having to explain how they can improve you can just send them back to the tools and they can go through the process again.  The tools will teach them how to increase revenues, profit margins etc. if their business model and plan is solid, and if not they will figure this out for themselves instead of you having to be the dream crusher.  


Combining the specifically relevant data our tools provide with the community connections,  experience and local-market expertise of your board will put your community in a position to pick and fund the right companies to meet your growth goals.  Plus, because our system was designed to be both educational & evaluative you will be amazed at how much more prepared clients who didn't make it the first time are when they come back with their next idea.  

Privately funded economic and community development organizations

Foundations and private economic developers play an important role in making sure that businesses in target communities or demographics get the opportunity and funding needed to develop into operational and financial maturity.  BPS Tools can help with the process of evaluating how much progress is being made and how much impact your funding is having.  By having companies you invest in create their business model and plan in the BPS and then update it periodically you can have a on demand record of how the company or organizations operation is becoming more efficient and what financial  performance can be expected in a given period of time.


If the company or organization is new to operations or financial planning the BPS is the best place to start them because it is designed to both educate and produce results.  

Unbiased access and evaluation

Making sure that all segments of the community have equal access and opportunity to publicly funded economic development investment isn't just good business, it's the law.  Yet every month accusations are made of unfair treatment or biased consideration which leads to investigations, public distrust, and  tarnished reputations that harm a community's  chances of attracting top employers.   By using BPS Tools for your intake process you can get all of the relevant business info without any demographic information.  If a company doesn't meet your standards you will have an independent record of why they didn't get funding in case you need to show the the public that you made a decisions based strictly on the merits of the deal. 


After a go/no-go decision has been made all demographic information provided by the applicant will be available so you can report on the number of woman or minority owned businesses you accepted applications from and how many you are working with.

If you know your business and your market, we can help you put the plan into numbers.

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