It can be a tough balancing act for consultants, you need to get paid but you also need to keep the client's budget in mind.  Getting results takes time, but more time might kill the budget. 

BPS Tools provides coaches & consultants with a new option that lets you provide benefit for your clients while keeping your billable hours in tune with smaller clients' budgets; so they are more likely to come back.

Providing exceptional value to early stage clients is key to  building trust and lasting relationships.  You provide the specialization, we provide the platform that helps clients implement what you teach

If you work with early stage companies BPS can help you stand out from the sea of other consultants.  While we streamline your client on-boarding process we also help you collaborate with clients and monitor their progress.

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How we can help most coaches & consultants

Whether you work on a billable hours or project basis being efficient with your time and helping clients accomplish their goals is how you makeclients happy.  BPS Tools helps business coaches and consultants do both.  By having clients complete different BPS exercises you will be gaining tons of insight into what you clients really know about their business; and more importantly, what they don't know.  It takes very little of your time to review their work and it will impress your clients when you are able to have a deep understanding of their business the first time you meet.    

Because you are able to learn so much about your clients through BPS Tools you can also stop the time sucking activity of free first meetings if you want to.  Have your clients pay for the intake process at our site and then review the intake report together during the first meeting.  You will be able to offer specific insights for their real situations and quickly get into the heart of their problems.  That will most likely convert them from prospect to client, and if not you can confidently bill for the first meeting knowing that you have provided value for them.  If they don't want to pay for the intake they probably aren't  going to pay you either

How we can help you, in your situation

Specialists that need to cover your bases with clients that may not be giving you all the information you need to help them.

If you are a CPA or other specialized business service  provider some people hire you for your knowledge, thinking that because you are a specialist that they will not need to be involved in the work and that you will just 'handle it'.  Which makes your job harder because if they disengage you still have questions about their business that will effect how you help them. 


Instead of you taking hours in a meeting to review multiple possible situations, or calling them over and over when you have new questions, use the Business Planning System when you start working with them to get a good picture of their business as a whole.  If certain sections need further exploration you can discuss specific topics as needed, in a short conversation based on what you see in the report you get from us.  Once you have the big picture clear and you have covered the potential gotchas, you can do your specialized work knowing that you have the information you need. 


One hour of re-work for you because your client forgot to tell you something could pay for months of access to the BPS.   

Generalists that want a way to be more efficient and take on more clients.

If you have been consulting for very long at all then you have experienced the feast or famine associated with this type of work, and may have thought that if you just had more clients it would probably even out and you could get paid more consistently. 


Unfortunately, the consensus is, it doesn't work that way.  It isn't the number of clients that is key, it's how you reduce the amount of unpaid time you spend with people and how you get work done quickly enough to bill on a consistent basis.     


BPS Tools can't help you do less work for free, but it can definitely help you structure your engagements so you are hitting miles stones more frequently (so you can bill for each milestone accomplished).  When you bring on new clients use the BPS to find out the strengths and weaknesses of their business and then structure your work deliverbles so you can regularly show progress.  You're going to end up doing the same work, but by using the BPS, you can develop a custom road map for what each client will need and help you see which tasks may need more or less time based on what the reports show or don't show.

If you know your business and your market, we can help you put the plan into numbers.

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