Staying focused on clients that are already bankable lets lenders make the most of their time and get more deals done. 

BPS helps you keep the right mix of service and efficiency by quickly identifying clients who are and are not bankable.  We save you time evaluating plans so you can continue building a relationship and evaluating character

Wouldn't it be nice to get a business plan that skipped the story and the financials were in sync with the operations plan.   

Every BPS plan is that way because they are designed to be.  Our goal is to make your job easier 

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How we can help most banks & lenders

We know that getting to know a client takes time, and that character is one of the most important of the 5 C's; but getting deals through the pipeline is what keeps the bills paid.  BPS helps lenders balance these priorities by making it faster and easier to  evaluate business plans; we also make it faster and easier for your applicants to get the business plan done so you can review it.  We want to make it easier for you to spend the time you need with clients so you can guide them to the right product for their situation.  


Speed and efficiency is only part of what we offer though, we also increase the accuracy of the business  plans you get by including financial and operational validation tools in our business model builder so clients self-test their plan before you get it.

When your clients use the BPS to create their business model and/or business plan they are laying the ground work for their financials at the same time.  We built the system so that financial and market validation is part of the process, this way before people ask for a loan they know that they can pay it back and exactly where that money will come from


Whether the loan is for a new business or an established business that wants to expand, BPS Tools can help business owners make sure they are asking for the right amount of money for their project, not more, not less.  Our validation tools are easy to use and provide immediate feedback to changes as business owners tweak their financial model.  This lets them really dial in their loan request amount so they don't end up borrowing cash.

How we can help you, in your situation

Keep your funnel full in a crowded market 

One of the things lenders asked for when we were planning BPS was a way to find businesses that were likely to qualify for certain products without having to get a full application.  Our answer is BizProfile (coming soon), a 1-2 page profile of a business seeking funding including a summary of the business and the owner, with access to their business model, and  consolidated business plan.  We want to make your job easier so you can get more qualified applicants into you pipeline without wasting time.  If learning about  potential clients from across the country from the comfort of your office would be a better use of your time that local networking events we are glad to help. 

Credit Issues

When you have a applicant that you feel is a good risk with good experience but their credit wont make it through underwriting with the current deal we may be able to help.  

Some ways we may be able to help:

  • Have the client re-create her business model in the Business Model Builder and use the financial and operations validator to see if there is a way to reduce the size of the loan needed by finding cost saving efficiencies in the planned operating processes.

  • Use our pricing tools and do additional market validation to see if there may be additional markets they can tap into and increase revenues without increasing expenses much. 

  • If underwriting would feel better about approving the loan if there were performance covenants included BPS is an easy way for you to monitor a clients progress without the hassles of chasing down formal financials from them every quarter. 

  • If your client is open to a consulting engagement we have a network of consultants available to help

Easy to read, numbers focused business plans

Our market discovery came back with one overwhelmingly consistent finding, lenders don't like lengthy or narrative driven business plans.  We heard you and we are glad to offer you an alternative from the traditional business plans you see in the market either self-written, from the SBDC, or from a business plan writing software package.  Our plans are concise, consolidated report-like documents that focus on the businesses financial capabilities derived directly from the details of the operating model the client built in our system.  We also include many of the common ratio calculations so you can get a good idea of what lending products the client may fit into at a glance before doing a complete evaluation as your schedule allows.  The client does have descriptive input in some areas of the plan but it is focused on one topic at a time so it is easy to evaluate.  We know you are going to make your determinations of risk on your own, so we focus on giving you the information that would be difficult to extract from the conversations you are going to have with the client during the process.


BPS is a great plan builder and validation tool, but it was originally designed as an entrepreneur  education tool, and we have an entrepreneur education curriculum that may be a great resource for your low to moderate income entrepreneurs.  The content in our LEEP program (Low-income Entrepreneur Education & Proficiency) has a track record of supporting and growing small businesses and entrepreneurs from undeserved communities and being used as a CRA funded educational program.  If you would like to learn more about how BPS can help your bank reinvest into qualifying communities you serve we would be glad to discuss it with your CRA officer.

If you know your business and your market, we can help you put the plan into numbers.

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