A step-by-step Business Model BuilderTM that helps entrepreneurs identify the key components in their business and how those components  work together to produce value, efficiency & profits.  Clients can save and resume as needed from any computer or tablet.  More >> 

A consolidated Business Plan  BuilderTM that produces a detailed data oriented plan focusing on the information lenders and EDC's want without having to write a lengthy narrative or worry about formatting.  Includes access to the tools needed for financial calculations  More >>

Business Model BuilderTM 

If you are still in the process of figuring out the details of how all the parts of your business will fit together then the Business Model BuilderTM will be a big help.  Starting a business plan without first being able to clearly communicate the parts of your business model and the interactions between those parts is a recipe for further frustration, for three main reasons. 

1.  When you start putting down the details of how your business will work in the business plan you may find that some pieces (time. money, staffing, equipment, etc) don't fit the way you thought or had hoped, and you will end up spending more time re-evaluating what you will have to change to make things work and re-writing your plan than if you just take the time to do it right and build the business model first.

2.  Investors and lenders know that all good business plans are built on the foundation of a well thought-through business model.  When they first start talking with you they wont ask for the details of you plan, they will want to talk about your business model so they can see if you are someone they should take seriously or if you are just another person with an idea.  

3.  It's not always the right time or situation to pursue a business idea, but it can be hard to really know that until you get it out of your head and you can look at it from all the different angles to see if it's something you want to pursue now, or wait for a better time or better circumstances.  Keeping in your head as an unfinished thought actually makes it less likely that you will ever do anything with it because its all mixed together and its hard to know what pieces you are missing to make it real.  Creating the business model makes that process much easier, plus, it feels really good to get it out of your head and free up some room in there.


Business Plan BuilderTM 

Once you are confident that you have a good handle on your business model, it's time to add in the details of how you are going to handle the day to day operations and grow those processes that enable you to add customers and make money.  

When preparing a business plan for lending or investment, you have to tell two stories at the same time, and they have to match or you lose credibility and become less likely to get financing.  Story 1 is what do the numbers say; this is what lenders and investors will make decisions from.  Story 2 is what do the words say and do they match what the numbers say, if not then they start questioning both stories.  Most people who get this wrong are not trying to be deceptive, they just don't know that this is how plans are evaluated so they don't put in the details that make it easy for the lender to see that the stories match.


BPS makes it easier to make sure that your numbers and your words tell the same story, we designed it that way from the beginning because our desire is to help you succeed, not just to help you create a document.  The system will even catch mistakes you might make in the process where you story and your numbers can get out of step with each other.  If that happens we point it out and give you the tools to double check your calculations to make sure what you are saying you can do is realistic for the numbers you are showing.  Once you create a plan with our system you will never want to do it the old way again.  We look forward to working with you.


Consulting Services - On a case by case basis as scheduling allows

For situations when you want someone who has experience starting & growing businesses to double check your thinking or walk through your plan with you step-by-step and point out things you may have missed, we offer business planning & growth consulting in partnership with the experienced consultants at 8 Fifteen Consulting and their network of independent partners that know small businesses and startups really well and are familiar with our tools.


If you feel like you are missing something in part of your plan, or are having a hard time figuring something out on your own, many times the best way to get past it is to get an outside perspective and a fresh set of eyes on the problem so they can help you consider alternative options.  We do not control the schedules of the consultants, but we have pre-negotiated rates that you can budget for if you need help.

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