Tools that help you evaluate if a business is ready to invest in and if they can produce the jobs and impact you expect:

A step-by-step Business Model BuilderTM that helps entrepreneurs identify the key components in their business and how those components  work together to produce value, efficiency & profits.  Clients can save and resume as needed from any computer or tablet.  More >>

A consolidated Business Plan  BuilderTM that produces a realistic data-focused report that provides  the information EDCs want without having to read a lengthy narrative.  Includes access to the tools business owners need to self-validate their  financial calculations  More >>

Business Model BuilderTM 

For clients that have a hard time communicating how their business or idea works

1.  Helps entrepreneurs organize their thoughts

2.  Makes it easier for them to get help with things they haven't figured out yet

The BPS Business Model BuilderTM is an easy to use business model planning tool that helps entrepreneurs get clarity on the 'moving parts' of their business so they know where to focus their attention and make progress quickly.  After watching small business owners and startup founders struggle with popular business modeling tools and not make real progress in their understanding, we decided to build our own based on what we knew small business owners actually wanted and needed.  

We use a question and answer format to guide users through the different areas of their business asking the same kind of questions a consultant asks when helping clients build their custom business model.  Clients can move at their own pace and can stop and save whenever they want.  If they get stuck or want help it is available via a collaboration module free of charge.  Unlike some popular business modeling tools, users don't need to take a class to understand how to use the tool, and they don't need an 'expert' to show them what the results mean either.  After teaching people how to use the other tools we designed the Business Model BuilderTM to be ready to use and learn from on its own.  The result is an accurate, shareable business model that is easy to revisit and customize again and again without having to start over each time.  

If you currently send client to the SBDC to get a clearer picture of what they are trying to accomplish and what they can accomplish for your community, try the Business Model Builder next time.  It's easier on the client schedule, it is usually much faster, and they can still get help from the SBDC in conjunction with our tools if they want to.


Business Plan BuilderTM 

Two way BPS business plans make an EDC director's work easier & more efficient:

1.  Better client interaction

2.  Better insights

1. Better client interactions:  Breaking the bad news to a client that their plan isn't realistic, and isn't getting funded can be really stressful.  What if you didn't need to have so many of those stressful conversations because clients resolved their unrealistic expectations before they made you point them out; wouldn't that be awesome?  That's what BPS does.  We point out the unrealistic expectations in a business plan as it is being created in our system, then help the entrepreneur see why it is unrealistic, then we give them to tools to calculate and validate what realistic expectations for their business and their life situation may be. 

They drive the whole process, we don't tell them what is realistic, we help them find out what is real for their situation based on all the data we gather from the client.  It's similar to what an EDC analyst does as they evaluate how all the pieces fit together, but we do it before you have to.  Because the client figures this out on their own they fix the problems before they turn in their plan; avoiding an uncomfortable conversation for you and an embarrassing situation for them.  The best part is the client learns from the plan building process so they are more equipped to be successful as they make progress on their plan.  This is good thing for both new business and existing businesses who may be stuck in their ways and don't want to hear your recommendations.

2.  Better insights:  The BPS business plan builder dramatically improves the way business plans are created and gives EDC a chance to find 'diamonds in the rough' that can really benefit their communities.  It's no secret that many people struggle with communicating their thoughts in writing, some of those people are entrepreneurs.  Many entrepreneurs know their business inside & out, but are not good writers or have language barriers so they have a hard time explaining how & why their business works, but that doesn't change the fact that it works.  These investable businesses with good fundamentals can get overlooked because the traditional format of business plans is intimidating to the owners.  

The BPS business plan builder levels the playing field by standardizing the format, reducing the narrative length, and making it easier for the entrepreneurs to provide the specific data elements you need to make decisions with.  We don't tell them what to say, we just make it easier form them to say it.

We take the word-for-word answers provided by the client and compile them into an easy to read format that helps you avoid having to read the 'fluff' a lot of business plans are full of.  We take the numbers they provide about specific operational aspects of their business and apply calculations that deliver the financial figures and ratios you use in your evaluation process.  We don't make up their numbers, we just help them do the financial math that they haven't learned yet; and in the process of building their plan with us we start teaching them how to do the business math on their own.  Once you start using these plans you wont want to use a traditional plan again.


Small business & startup consulting

Economic development organizations that want to help new businesses in their community develop a solid understanding of business fundamentals often use consultants to help make sure the community is investing in projects with the best chance of success.  Likewise, when existing businesses want to expand or make improvements bringing in a consultant is a smart move, IF you have access to consultants that are a good fit for your project, your budget, and your client's schedule. 

We know that this can be a real challenge in rural communities and we are glad to help. BPS is pleased to be able to offer video & telephone consulting services via the experienced consultants at 8 Fifteen Consulting and their network of consulting partners.  

Where other consulting services struggle BPS shines.  Because of our tool-set, the consultants we work with can be much more efficient at identifying the clients needs and getting them started making progress towards their specific goals.  Our structured process and 24/7 access lets clients work on their business when their schedule allows and the consultant can check up on their work whenever needed to make sure they are on track and working towards being able to perform at the level you say is needed to qualify for investment.  Contact us for additional information.

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