Tools for you and your consulting team:

A thorough online data gathering process that speeds the process of validating a business's capabilities and criteria for consideration.  More >>

View and edit your clients business model and business plan work so you can keep helping them after your session is over.   More >>

Tools for the businesses you work with:

A step-by-step easy to use business model builder that includes customer discovery and financial validation tools.  Clients can save their progress and resume as needed from any computer or tablet.  More >>   

A consolidated business plan builder that produces detailed data oriented reports focusing on the information lenders want without having to write a lengthy narrative or worry about formating.  More >>


BPS IntakeTM

For coaches & consultants that want a data gathering system that captures the information needed to evaluate what business owners and founders know and don't know.  As well as tell how ready the company is to take on the challenges ahead.  Comprised of more than 60 questions covering multiple aspects and characteristics of the business, business owners, growth plans and financial information, the BPS Intake service and custom intake tools work for businesses at any stage and is much more efficient than email an 'introductory meeting'. 


As a consultant, I built this tool to save myself time and avoid having to offer free introductory meetings.  In the process of building it I saw so much potential for the system as a whole that I just kept going.  This tool will not only weed out people that are not ready to engage in in-depth work, but it will also make it easy for you to impress clients by coming to the first meeting ready to provide highly specific value based on what you picked up form the intake report.  


BPS ModelTM 

The Business Model BuilderTM is a comprehensive business model planning and validating tool.  After trying other business modeling tools with little success and lots of frustration we decided to build our own based on what we knew small business owners actually wanted and needed.  Not so complicated that you cant figure it out and not so basic that you cant use the end result to launch or grow your business.   

We use a question and answer format to guide entrepreneurs through the different areas of their business asking the same kind of questions a consultant asks when helping clients build their custom business model or growth plan.  Clients can move at their own pace and can stop and save whenever they want.  There are three business model design modules and two validation modules to make sure that the market is real, is receptive to the business, and that the financial and operational assumptions of the model are accurate and in sync with each other.  The result is a highly accurate business model and high level of understanding about how their business processes work, or where they are lacking.  After completing this process the business owners are much more clear about what they know and what they don't know; and they are ready learn. 

If you currently use the Business Model Canvas in your business development curriculum you will find that BPS Model is an easy add-on to your current offering and you will easily be able to compare the results of the two tools.  We are confident that your business owners will prefer our system and that you will too after working with a few clients in the system.

BPS InsightTM 

BPS Insight is a consolidated business plan builder that is focused on making the investor or lenders job easier.  We believe we have dramatically improved the way business plans are created and are confident that our plans will become the requested by name from lenders, investors and economic developers across he country.   Many entrepreneurs know their business inside & out, but are not good writers or have language barriers so they have a hard time explaining how & why their business works in written form.  These bankable  businesses are getting overlooked because the traditional format of business plans is either foreign or intimidating to the owners.  On the other hand, people that are good writers but really don't have a comprehensive understanding of how they will run the business and make money are getting funded because they know how to present the information that lenders & investors want to see in an attractive format.  


BPS Insight levels the playing field by standardizing the format, reducing the narrative, and providing the specific data elements needed to make decisions, along with some back end calculations we do for the decision makers.  If you write long detailed, persuasive narrative plans you wont like these, if you are focused on getting loans or investment for your clients you will love them.


BPS Collaboration

View and/or edit your clients business model or business plan as they give you access to.  You can either be available as a collaborator for our clients to choose you, or you can use our system to make your work with clients you already know easier.   Request collaborator access here.

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