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Choose the services that best fit your situation and your goals.  We look forward to helping you tell your story and communicate your company's potential.

Business Model Builder TM

$XX for 1 month access

$XX for 3 months access

The Business Model Builder includes access to our business model building tools, access for collaborators of your choice, and detailed reports showing and explaining the components of your business model, the relationships between those components.  Most people will complete their business model in 2 months or less depending on their pace of work and the number of revisions made as they validate their business model.

Business Plan Builder TM

$XX for 1 month access

$XX for 3 months access

Building on the foundation of a validated business model makes for a stronger business plan, and we strongly recommend that entrepreneurs complete their business model and get their operations mapped out before creating their business plan.  However for people that have already defined their business model, our Business Plan Builder is a fast, easy and accurate way to show why your business's is qualified for investment in a format that is easy for lenders, economic developers and incubators / accelerators to read and make decisions with.  Most people will complete their business plan in 2 month or less depending on their pace of work and the number of revisions made as they validate their financials & operating processes.

BPS Balance, Holistic Business Planning System TM

$XXX for 3 month access - available soon

$XXX for 6 months access - available soon

This is a deep-dive into creating a business model that accurately reflects the operational processes your business is built on, validating the market assumptions that underpin your model, creating a business plan with detailed YTD & projected financials, and then stress-testing the viability of making this plan work for YOU where you are at in your life right now. 


At the end of this process you will know both the professional & personal cost and commitment it will take for you to achieve your business goals and you will be able to make a highly-informed decision about if, when & how to move forward with your business.  This service include the Business Model Builder and the Business Plan Builder services as well as other modules only available with the BPS Balance service (Customer discovery, Market validation, Operational process planning, Operational financial validation, Work/Life priority identification, Reality-based goal setting, Time & money reality check).  If you aren't 100% sure that your business is the right opportunity with the right potential for this time, and is worth pouring your life into you should take a little time to make sure.  This process will take most people from six weeks to six months depending on the pace of work and the number of revisions/iterations.

Business Planning Consulting

$XXX/hr.*  *Availability may be limited

                           *Pricing may vary

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If you would like help creating your business plan,  business model, operations and financial plan and/or have questions about other areas of your business related to business planning consulting services are available for clients that are already using our tools.  Options for consultants will be provided based on your industry and stage of development.  Consulting may be available in person or via video meeting depending on your location and consultant availability.