Client-facing services:


1 BPS Intake    = 1 credit

1 BPS Model   = 1 credit

1 BPS Insight   = 1 credit

Mix & Match services to best  suit your clients' and your organization's needs

Because the business planning needs of entrepreneurs seeking lending vary based on the economic climate or time of year we offer our lending partners the flexibility to access the services that their clients need most, when they need them, without having to change plans or spending extra money.  Some months are full of meetings for new businesses and new business ideas while others are busy with companies that need to refine their business model or update their business plan for expansion.  BPS Tools can help them all and they will each receive services customized for their situation on their computers.  You may also find that one client is working hard to launch or expand quickly and needs multiple services in a month, no problem; we can help the same business from concept to finished business plan.

Client-facing credit tiers:


Basic        =  4   credits per month

Standard   =  7   credits per month

Premier     = 12  credits per month

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Our service tiers are designed to balance the right amount of client-facing services with affordability for any organization.  If you happen to use more credits than your tier has allocated we will simply invoice you for the overage at the end of the month at the per-credit price for the tier you signed up for.  If you want to change tiers we can process that at any time and the new tier will take effect at the beginning of the next month.  

If you believe it is in your organization's best interests to pay for our services so your clients have access to high quality  business planning resource and are more likely to be successful as they grow, our system is set up to handle entrepreneurs from your community or organization as our guests with no charge to them.  If however you want the benefits of our services but feel its best for entrepreneurs to have more 'skin in the game' early on, and you would prefer that clients pay for access directly, no problem.  Simply refer clients to BPS Tools, we will work with them directly and send you the results of their work for your review.



Basic      = 3 months

Standard = 6 months

Premier   = 12 months

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For lending institutions or individual loan officers that want an easy way to actively or passively seek out new companies to lend to.  Finding qualified companies can be a challenge in crowded markets.  If you would like to add a new and easy way to find and vet potential clients before scheduling a meeting or filling out an application look no further.  No worries about getting spammed, potential borrowers only see your contact info if you put it out there.  *prices shown are per licence but group rates are available.​

Banks and Lenders 

Programs & Pricing

Services are provided on a tiered basis so organizations of different sizes and different priorities can customize the mix of services that best fits their needs.

Client-facing services are allocated using a credit system where each service costs a set number of 'credits' which can be purchased in different amounts per month.  All credits in a given tier cost the same and can be exchanged for any client-facing service.  Internal services are available at the menu prices shown below.