Professional reviewers know this.  To compensate, some plan reviewers assume that every business plan is over estimated or not based on operational realities  before they read a word or test the financials.  This practice, while understandable, can unfairly punish truthful business plans in order to safeguard against the majority that contain inflated numbers & overstated capabilities.

We end the story, and make exaggerations obvious.  OpsTools plans are not written, they are assembled by our system.  As we help entrepreneurs plan out and test their business models and growth plans we extract certain data and apply calculations which we compile into the plan.  When the entrepreneur is completing the planning exercises they don't know which pieces of data we use, they focus on building and validating a business model and financials that work, we take care of the rest.  If he or she happens to exaggerate something, our concise, consistent, no-narrative plan format make it easy to spot so reviewers can flag it for discussion or clarification.


Entrepreneurs:  The days of getting a loan or investment based on a good idea, a snazzy business plan and nice suit are gone. Lenders demand substance and credibility, which means your business model and financials must be able to show a clear path to profits with good expense control.  OpsTools makes it easy to build a solid model then tweak it until shows sufficient profitability and is realistic for your life situation and budget.

Business evaluators and business support professionals: Helping businesses get started with opsTools will make your job easier long term.  Businesses that use our system aren't guessing about how they will make enough money to pay their loan back and stay profitable; they have a validated financial plan that you can review and test.  Plus because our system is self paced and always available you can keep more clients in your pipeline and still save time by only actively working with those that are making progress.