Tired of hearing good ideas with no plan to profitability?  Send them here.  Our system helps founders build an operations plan that shows how they can achieve and maintain profitability.

OpsTools helps early stage founders that have a good market and a good fit work out the details of how to get to profits.  We can help get them, to where its worth your time to get involved so you don't miss out on good deals

I may miss out on the once in a while 10X exit by being more conservative but I feel better knowing that I did my due diligence before I rolled the dice on a founder I just met a few weeks ago

  • Applicant intake & data gathering services

  • Scenario-driven evaluation & scoring service

  • Detailed custom reporting

  • Online applicant operations/financial plan review 

  • Pipeline of companies looking for investment

Here's what I do, if it makes sense to you then I welcome you to use it as well.  Before I write a check I have the founding team pull back the curtain on a handful of operational processes that OpsTools calculates and I check their math to see if everything ads up. 


I also have them use the scenario tools where they explain and makes changes to a theoretical business to show how they would react to some common challenges and explain how they may adjust their operation if the situation warrants.  I want to see how they think and what their priorities are when more sales isn't the only way out of a problem and there is no more money.

Using OpsTools to protect your schedule

Whether you are a solo investor or you are part of a group you probably don't want to spend your time getting pitched by companies that are either not the kinds of businesses you invest in or are nowhere close to being ready for investment. 


We offer OpsIntake as a solution for that.  Our free-to-you intake service makes it easy for you to send companies you might be interested in but don't want to investigate right now to a custom landing page that will let the companies you send put together a profile and the basics about their business, their ask and their qualifications as well as upload documents you can review and either respond, or not.


No information about your, except your name and what you choose to include in your custom landing page will be shown to visitors or applicants.  When you get an applicant we will send you an easy to read report with the info they provided.    

OpsTools and social investors

If you are a social investor and you are looking to help companies that are helping to make a difference in the world we encourage you to consider how OpsTools can benefit an early stage company you want to support.  Our tool set was originally developed as for entrepreneur education and is still near and dear to our heart. 


If you are a social investor already working with us and there is a social startup or small business that you want to support we will split the cost with you.  You pay half, we pay half, and that company will get our basic services free of charge for up to three months so they can get a solid plan together in their quest to improve the world.


This offer is limited to one sponsored company at a time per investor.

Using OpsTools to evaluate potential

If you like what you see from the intake report and you want to learn more about an applicant, we offer OpsInsight, a customizable scenario driven evaluation tool that incorporates our operations  planning tools and custom calculators.


Based on the criteria and scenario set you choose your applicants will be presented with a series of questions presenting a business situation or problem, along with a set of parameters reflecting the state of their business.  They will be asked to explain in words and demonstrate in numbers how they would address the situation.  This process separates the pitchers that just talk a good game from those that have an actual game plan.  This level of interaction will provide more real insight into the applicants readiness to run a business profitably than the  best-case-scenario' information you get from most pitch decks and business plans.  


You will get a report from us with their written responses, as well as the operational/financial actions they would take to respond to the scenario and task or goal they were supposed to accomplish.  

If you are the kind of investor that wants to know that a founder has already worked out a plan, with  realistic numbers, showing how the company will stay profitable through challenges then you are going to appreciate OpsTools.  

After sitting through too many pitches where the founder had a great story and an innovative product but couldn't explain the big jumps in projected revenue or how the company was going to maintain growth without adding production capacity; I was frustrated.  I wanted to invest but didn't trust that their plans were realistic.  Once OpsTools started to take shape I realized that if used proactively they can be great screening tools; now they are. 

If you know your business and your market, we can help you put the plan into numbers.

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