Hello startups & small businesses,

We look forward to working with you.

We provide time saving and efficiency boosting services for select private investment groups across the country that make it easy for you to tell your story and highlight your business's capabilities while also making it easy for investors to make decisions about which companies they invest in.

Your business has been chosen to complete the initial data gathering  portion of the investment evaluation process through this website; please keep reading for instruction on how to get started.

The Process:

You will use this website to complete the 1st, and possibly the 2nd stage in the evaluation process.   


Step 1.  Set up a free account.  At the top of the page, to the right of the menu you can request membership to the OpsTools site; once your membership is processed this is where you will log in to get access to the pages the you need.

Step 2. Once you get your confirmation email (in a few min.) you can log in to the site and select 'Private Investment Clients' from the members section menu.     


Step 3. Depending on the type of investment you are seeking select the questionnaire that fits your situation and follow the instruction on the page.  Then begin telling the investment group you are working with about your business and explaining your plans and qualifications.


For questions about investment group decision making processes contact the investment group that referred you here.  


For questions about this website and how our online tools work read the welcome email thoroughly and then if you still have questions contact support@opstools.app