Our formula for helping entrepreneurs succeed is one part calculation, one part validation, and one part education.  

 If you get stuck, that's what collaboration is for.

Some entrepreneurs find us on their own or with the help of a consultant or lender etc.  These customers pay for their own services and they pick and choose which services are best suited for their stage of development and their goals.

Some entrepreneurs are referred to us by economic developers or lenders that want them to succeed.  Their services are often chosen for them to help the entrepreneur qualify for lending or investment.

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Many early stage owners and founders are unsure of the work that will be required to reach their financial goals.  So we provide tools and system that make it easier for entrepreneurs to identify and calculate the variables that drive profitability and efficient business operations.  You cant manage what you cant measure, so we make it easier to measure. 

At the same time our reports and plans make it faster for business professionals to evaluate a company's financial potential and qualifications for lending or investment by including common  evaluation criteria and key ratios.  Some include a proprietary Business Preparedness Score. 


Business models and business plans that don't reflect a businesses real potential are a waste of time.  BPS helps entrepreneurs avoid wasting their time and the evaluators time by  including both market and financial validation tools in our system.  


When evaluating an BPS plan you don't have to wonder if there is a market for the product / service, you can see the customer discovery notes right in the business model.  Wondering where the financials came from? Just open up the financials module and see for yourself.


BPS puts entrepreneurs in a better position to run their business from a place of knowledge.  The insights and understandings gained from seeing how small changes to their operation add  up to better financial performance equip them to respond to challenges and opportunities alike.

Without BPS, companies that don't show sufficient profitability or cash flow for lending or investment get told 'No' and that's it.  With BPS those companies can learn to adjust and fine tune their operations so they can come back and try again with a plan that qualifies.

Go Team

We have a simple yet effective process for speeding up the learning associated with business modeling and business planning.  We also get the process done faster with a higher degree of quality.  Learn how we get better results by making it easy for entrepreneurs to team up with mentors, coaches and consultants.  

Collaboration is key to getting more businesses ready to successfully launch or re-launch quickly.

Starting a small business is risky enough; lets work together to help the brave women and men willing to put it on the line to build a better tomorrow put together a top notch plan to increase their likelihood of success.  Click on the picture to see how we do it.

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with consultants, coaches, and subject matter experts

We know from experience that having a connection with an experienced mentor, coach or consultant is valuable for entrepreneurs, and we see the Business Planning System as way to maximize the value of the one-on-one time that entrepreneurs get with their trusted advisors.  Instead of paying a consultant to explain and oversee the work that BPS does, the money an entrepreneur invests into consulting can focus on getting hands-on help based on the experience and knowledge the consultant brings to the table.  

If you are an experienced coach, consultant, or subject matter expert that wants to start using BPS to reduce the intake-oriented or skills evaluation portion of you process we would love to hear from you.  Please introduce yourself here.