Having an experienced professional walk through the business planning process with you gets better results faster.


Once you have decided which BPS Tools services are best for you, click the button below that reflects the type of help you are seeking.  After providing some basic info and making your payment you will get started right away.


BPS Tools is self-paced and collaborative.  You can save and resume as needed, just watch your inbox for a resume-progress email.   At the end of each stage you can invite the consultant you are working with to review and edit your work.


As you answer questions we are building the reports and documents that will help you analyse and explain your business.  All you have to do is answer honestly and thoughtfully.  Some sections are more in-depth and take longer, don't rush.


If you have been given an active referral code the use of the system will be free or reduced in price; just enter the code on the payment form when asked.  If not you will be charged for each service you use.  (codes expire and prices vary)  


For questions about policies and procedures of the consultant you are working with contact your consultant directly.

For questions about this website and how our online tools work you can reach us at support@bpstools.com