Business Model Builder, Start
If you have ever used other business modeling tools, this is going to be much easier; if you haven't, you will never want to. 
The Business Model Builder is a two-stage process that will help you identify the core components of your business and the connections / relationships between those components.  This knowledge will be invaluable as you evaluate your businesses future potential.  
After you pay for access to the Business Model Builder (below) you will get an email wit your access link to start Stage 1.  Before you can move on to stage 2 take a minute and set up a member account with BPS ('Log In' icon top right) to get access to the second stage.  
If this is your first time creating a business model we know you may have a lot of questions; don't worry you will figure it out quickly.  Keep these 2 things in mind:  
1.  You can go back and redo your business model as many times as you need to; you don't have to get it perfect the first time.
2.  This is process in for your benefit and education, don't worry about right/wrong as long as you are learning because... see #1