BPS Insight - Business Plan Builder
If you have ever written a traditional business plan before, this is going to be much easier.  If you haven't, you will never want to. 
After you complete the sign-up form below you can begin stage 1 of your business plan.  Before you can continue on to stage 2 of the business plan you will need to set up an BPS account.  Account set-up instructions will be provided in stage 1.
BPS business plans aren't technically written, they are compiled based on information you provide.  Instead of starting with a blank page and asking you to figure out what the person evaluating your business plan wants to hear, we walk you through a series of questions and scenarios where you think about different parts of your business and how that part of your business works, or how you want it to work.  Behind the scenes we are taking information from different sections and combining them with other pieces of information you provide to create a data-driven picture of your business and formatting it in a way that is easy to review and evaluate. 
You will still get to tell your story and explain the unique benefits you bring to the table but you will do it one topic at a time instead of weaving your story throughout the document.  We have spoken with many plan reviewers with different perspectives from different industries and they consistently prefer business plans that are focused on the business's capabilities and deal with one part of the business at a time.  They also prefer to learn more about you as a person from their interactions with you and from your references; not from the business plan.