Many hands make light work
We want to change the way business planning is thought about and done.  If you want to be a part of disrupting the traditional business planning processes that entrepreneurs have to go through then we may be of like minds, let's talk.
We are big believers in the premise that a business's operational processes and details will ultimately be the key(s) that lead to the company's success or failure.  Because of this belief we design our tools and entrepreneur resources to focus on business operations and be both educational and functional.   We are confident in our approach, but we are also realistic in understanding that many entrepreneurs are focused on just getting the money they think they need launch or grow.  To counteract the sometimes blind rush for financing we need more coaches and consultants delivering an operations and education focused message. 
We know  that we can grow faster and make a greater impact on more entrepreneurs with a team effort, but the team has to be comprised of people who put the entrepreneurs first and feel an obligation to provide counsel that will help the entrepreneur even if it means billing for fewer hours.  Our system is great resource for coaches and consultants that can work with this perspective.  I have lived this choice and I know it's not easy but if you agree with this premise and perspective, and would like to be considered for the team of consultants we will reffer business to please provide the information requested below and we will be in touch.  
-Tracy Shea