Collaboration is key to getting more businesses ready to successfully launch or re-launch quickly.
If you are an experienced business planner, BPS Tools is about to make you a lot more efficient and make it easier than ever before to help more people!  
We know that uncertainty surrounding the process of starting a business is one of the main reasons that people with good ideas stay on the sidelines.  By making it easier for experienced business planners to help new entrepreneurs we aim to help launch and re-launch thousands of businesses that will employ tens or hundreds of thousands of people.
Our process is simple, yet very effective:  
1.  We have entrepreneurs go through one stage of our tools at a time and do the best that they can to answer all the questions in that stage, even if they struggle; this is important for the learning process.
2.  At then end of the stage they can invite a subject matter expert they know to review their work to help them better understand the questions they are unsure of or need to develop skills around.
3.  The entrepreneur and the subject matter expert can work together or independently to resolve to questions and make sure the entrepreneur develops the needed understanding and/or skills.
4.  The process repeats for the next stage where the entrepreneur can invite the same, or a different, person to help them review and/or edit their work as needed.
5.  If the business plan reviewer (lender, instructor, etc.) wants to see more information or more detail the entrepreneur can work on the stage that needs improvement without re-writing the whole plan.