There are two reasons to create a business plan:


  1. To create a document.  

  2. To map out the business’s potential. 

We help people map their business’s potential.  If the business shows promise and the owner decides it's worth working for, creating the document is easy.
Our approach to business planning starts with three key beliefs.
1.  Your business should fit inside your life; you shouldn't have to live your life (family, friends, community) around your business.
2.  Most of the planning should focus on the day-to-day operating processes of the business.
3.  Business planning is an educational and refining process, the goal is to get better, not just create a document.  
As you check out our tools you will find these beliefs/perspectives  represented throughout all of them.   After working with hundreds of 
entrepreneurs and helping most of them create or refine their business model or business plan I have developed a variety of ways to help entrepreneurs identify and calculate the balance point that they would like to achieve between financial success and their quality of life or lifestyle.  The importance of approaching business planning with regard for both profits and people is hard to overstate; millions of marriages, families, and businesses have been destroyed by prioritizing profits above all else and not taking the time to build balance into businesses from the beginning.
I don't have a problem with people developing tremendous wealth, but I know from experience that the entrepreneurial culture in America and most western countries drives people towards thinking that first you get rich, then you enjoy your life; that is what I have a problem with.  You don't always get rich and you don't always have time to enjoy your money.  If you are ready to think a little differently about how to be 'successful' as an entrepreneur BPS Tools can help you build a plan to get you where you want to go.
The Leadership Team:

Creating lending-quality business plans that accurately reflect your specific business's financial potential doesn't have to be difficult.

Yet many business owners struggle with the process of creating their own plan so they settle for a generic plan from someone else.

Entrepreneurs want to tell their story and want to show that what they are creating works and matters to the customers they serve.

However, the traditional format of business plans intimidates many business owners who struggle with writing an elaborate narrative or creating traditional financial documents.   

Technology has irrevocably changed the way people think about making money.  Micro-businesses and 'side-hustles' will coexist along side employment and traditional business ownership as valid ways to maintain economic stability and quality of life in the face of rapidly changing economies for decades to come.  

Lenders and economic developers that adjust to take advantage of these changes and supply the billions of dollars in capital that new entrepreneurs will need to launch and grow businesses will see explosive growth while they help create millions of jobs.

If entrepreneurs knew that lenders and economic developers would fund plans that reflect a balance between financial performance and lifestyle goals then entrepreneurs would be more transparent about the business they really want to build and its likely capabilities.  

Instead many entrepreneurs  present a 'business is my life' picture of how they expect to perform which sets them up for burnout, family problems, and business failure ending in loan default.  

Entrepreneur burnout is a significant factor in under-performing businesses and loan defaults but is overlooked because it has been difficult and time consuming to for lenders and economic developers to identify with traditional business evaluation methods.

If lenders and economic developers had the tools to better identify the likelihood of burnout they could reduce default rates on loans and investments by actively evaluating burnout potential during the application process; which may result in smaller deals but deals that are more likely to get paid back and happy repeat customers. 

If lenders and economic developers could trust that the financial performance shown in a business plan reflected the real operations of the business, not an industry average, and also show burnout risks in an easy to evaluate format they would feel more confident making loans to small businesses that didn't fit traditional molds.

BPS Tools can provide those business plans, and together we can  unlock the potential of millions of new entrepreneurs working side hustles that have the potential to create enough wealth to change  their lives, their families, and their communities.

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